Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday...HA!  Try 3 weeks now!  But it sounds good for the blog title, huh?   We made a commitment to get healthy, that includes the kids.  So here we are, going at it everyday.  The kids are surprisingly doing very well at this.  Not that I doubted they could do that, but the older 2 are lazy teens, lol. And truthfully, they could kick our butts right now.  But that will hopefully change very soon.  

We quit smoking over 7 months ago, and shortly after we gained a little weight.  We knew it was possible, we were warned, lol.  The weight was not welcomed and it took us a couple of months to finally say, "Let's do this".  And here we are, working out daily.  As I mentioned before, the kids are working out with us. Its been great doing this together, which brought us to a deal we all agreed upon.  Let me explain a little background first...

Our daughter is a childhood cancer survivor, 5 years to date!  Her diagnosis has lead us to become volunteers for several organizations, with our biggest one being Alex's Lemonade Stand (  Last year was their first "Lemon Run" a local 5K, here in our area.  We volunteered and our daughter was an honored speaker.  We thought it would be very fitting for all of us to run the 5K this year, together!  And come to find out, our daughter will be the first survivor to run it!  This has given us a goal to work on and we are all very excited about it!

So, I am sure this will not be the last mention of our working out, fundraising or combination of the 2, lol.  Wish us luck as we continue to improve our health and continue to fundraise to help improve the lives of those affected by childhood cancer.


  1. Yet another interesting post.
    This are really good, but many a time we just neglect it to our peril
    good to know that you quit smoking,
    It will definitely increase your life span along with these workouts. Keep Going
    Ha, Still note that: Passive smoking too is equally dangerous one so be away from smokers LOL
    PS Pl Remove these word verification code
    Best Phil

  2. well done on quitting smoking and am interested to know how the 5k run goes.

    I am a "passive smoker"... to difficult to avoid.

  3. This is an inspiring post. Well done to all of you!