Mondays Memories

I feel like I should be posting something. Even though the 7 day challenge is over. It kinda feels like it's not, but we will get back on with our regular lives. It seems like it would have gotten easier with more time. If I were to accept that challenge again I will plan out instead of waiting last minute. Out of everything that we have done just remember get your friends to vote. Also don't forget the fun you had in the process. Also please post links to all your entries down below  and I will spread the word about the voting process.

(I was working on this to put up yesterday but I stopped working on out to go to the gym. When I got back my laptop wouldn't come back out of sleep mode. So I am posting what I have threw my phone. I was going to add all my links, but now I won't best of luck to everyone that is in it.

Till the next challenge
Laffer Was Here

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  1. I had the same feeling after the challenge was over. I still felt a need to post something ;)