totally text to talk tuesday

warning today maybe 1 big long run on 4 I am using text to talk which it does not put any punctuation or anything of that sort ce it don't capitalize is the word I it doesn't do anything else I also will not edit anything just see what kinda random words it comes up with in the middle chick-fil-a just come a long ways when I was in school I could never thought of doing something like this so far it's kind of been fun doing the seventh a challenge blog that is 7 day challenge blog as I said before I will not correct anything just kinda see what random stuff it says I am stopping from time to time to laugh at the weirdness I comes out of the phone I hope everybody is enjoying my blogs at the end does it matter to me if I win or lose it is just the fun of it yes I am running 3 blogs which makes it a little more difficult but it's not all but that's when it comes down to it information this is random stuff sometimes and other times it maybe do a little research when this is all over I hope that you all decide to continue following my blogs I have a total of 17 blogs but I play with some ovum brown mazal not do much with others I don't answer shit my name is looking back it what was just said I never said a cuss word and I don't know what some of those words or even for fun you oughta try doing the sometime in the creek in and see what words come out please check out all my blogs have a good day see you tomorrow for work out wednesday

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