Fridays Finds

I am now on day Five of a 7day challenge on blogger 
I already title this blog as Fridays Finds
And I was thinking Five Friday would work or Fridays five

Yesterday I posted a blog called Thrifty Thursday
In this blog I talked a little about my wife's blog and her couponing
Tonight wanted to share what our big finds were today

In here we have 6-12 pack of 12oz cans of Pepsi Next
6-1.25liter of Coke Zero
and  15-5oz bags of Texas Toast croutons
We got each  12 pack for 99 cent each (limit one per a purchase)
Yes we did 6 different transactions. 
Each time we did a transaction we got a coupon for a free 1.25 liter of Coke Zero (we had to pay the tax for each one) which was 9cents each.
The croutons were on sale for 10 for $10. plus my wife had a coupon for 40cent of each (which the store we went to would double to 80cent) so she only payed 20cent each. 

If you would like to know more about some of the deals my wife Finds on Fridays or any other day for that fact please look at her blog Julie's Coupons

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