To Whom It May Concern

This is to you. Yes you. Anyone and everyone. You have been tried and tested. Yes everyone.
It truly is amazing how people will forget about you fast. If you don't contact them for a while, they will say "it's been a while since you have called. " Well no shit you haven't called either.
I have been making a point for some time now not to contact ANYONE.  That is ANYONE. Only a few people have contacted me. 2 of the people that I have spoke to recently have been some years. There is a few that I really miss talking to, but I think this proves a few things. LIKE THEY DON'T THINK THEY NEED ME ANYMORE. My phone number has not changed in years.

Everyday that goes by without a word hardens my heart.
Everyday that goes by without a word makes me wonder who I am.
Am I a good person
Am I a good man
Am I a good friend
Am I a good brother
Am I a good nephew
Am I a good uncle
Am I a good son
Am I a good father
Am I a good husband

There are a few I hear from regularly.
There are a few I hear from only when they need something.
There is only two I hear from everyday!
No I don't need to heart from you everyday but it would mean alot if you attempted to contact me. Like you use to!!!

Still here till the end
Your friend
Your son
Your father
Your brother
Your husband
Your nephew
Your uncle
That man
That person

P.S. I can't help fix anything if I don't know what the problem is. Which means you need to tell me.

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