Computers and vlogging

Hello random people

My name is Steve. I, like alot of people are trying to name money from the internet. Just like every business you need money to make money. I am a vlogger and a blogger. Making the blogs I can do just fine. The problem is with vlogging is not my video recording equipment. In fact my cam is one of the top of the line that a hobbiest can buy (which was a gift). The problem is my computers are a little out dated. To make good vlogs you need to be able to edit your videos. Which usely takes me somewhere around 3 hours. It doesn't matter how long the video is or how long the editing part of it is. I haven't bought a new computer in 10 years. I would love it if a random person out there would find it in their heart to donate a fast multi core top of the line new computer to me.
Yes I just asked random strangers to give me an awsome computer or 2.
So if you find out in your heart to do this I thank you, my wife thanks you, my kids thank you, my dog thanks you, and my wallet thanks you.

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