blogging and driving

as if it's not bad enough that somebody would text in drive or talk on the phone and lillian drive let's start blogging up a while were driving okay that would just be silly to do but I got your attention I am going to not edit this whole thing I'm going to talk to text and see what kind of silly words I come up with by talking and texting at the same time maybe they could be a whole new heather blog that I start talk to text no edits that's it talk and text no edits sometimes you come up with some silly little words just randomly placed in the book you and you don't know why did you get the word like that new york and every once in awhile you have to stop read it and roll laugh at the silly little things that get food in there because you are not recognize your voice are you come on normal for a little bit that's um um um build a little bit on purpose you have to think about how fun would it be to be driving around looking at the same time you know if you get a little road rage in the mill creek she came in because you're using your voice to write the blog it would just pick that up bub bub would be kinda funny what net

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